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Teeth Whitening Refreshes Smiles

Does your smile look brighter in old photographs? Most of us notice a definite change in the color of our teeth over the years. Fortunately, teeth whiteningteeth whitening, a service provided by your Norton, MA, cosmetic dentists, Dr. Eyad Salloum, Dr. Erin Walsh and  Dr. Matthew Devine of Norton Family Dentistry, offers a simple way to renew your smile!

Whitening effectively removes stains

Whether your teeth are dull due to aging, consuming darkly pigmented foods/drinks, or smoking, teeth whitening can lighten your teeth three to eight shades. Whitening targets the pigments trapped in tiny pores in your tooth enamel. These opening are so small that your toothbrush bristles can't reach them.

Although you can't remove these stains by simply brushing your teeth, teeth whitening offers a very effective stain-removal option. The hydrogen peroxide gel your Norton dentist uses seeps into the microscopic pores and breaks apart the pigments. After your one-hour treatment, your teeth will be noticeably lighter.

Professional whitening offers important benefits that you won't get if you buy an over-the-counter whitening kit, including:

  • Safety: Your dentist will protect your roots and gums with a special gel before whitening begins. This is a very important step, as sensitivity can occur if the whitening agent comes in contact with your gums or roots.
  • Better, Quicker Results: Professional whitening agents contain higher formulations of hydrogen peroxide than drugstore products and can produce impressive results in 60 minutes or less. You'll also receive a dental cleaning before your teeth are whitened. The cleaning removes plaque and tartar, two substances that hydrogen peroxide can't penetrate. If plaque and tartar aren't removed, your teeth may look splotchy.
  • Options: If you would rather whiten your teeth at home, your dentist can give you a take-home kit. The kit contains trays molded to fit your teeth and a supply of whitening gel. Take-home kits are also very helpful if you want to touch up your results from time to time. Keep in mind that whitening with a kit takes longer than a single whitening treatment at the dental office. You will need to use the kit several times a week for a few weeks in most cases.

Give us a call!

Transform your smile with teeth whitening! Call your Norton, MA, cosmetic dentists, Dr. Eyad Salloum, Dr. Erin Walsh and  Dr. Matthew Devine of Norton Family Dentistry, at (508) 226-1686 to schedule your appointment.

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