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The Versatility of Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a versatile dental procedure that conceals badly stained, shaped or crooked teeth. Dr. Eyad Salloum, Dr. Erin Walsh and Dr. Matthew Devine of Norton Family Dentistry in Norton, MA, provide their patients with this cosmetic procedure to help improve the appearance of your smile and self-esteem.

What are veneers?

They're wafer-thin porcelain shells and cemented to the front of unaesthetic teeth. Veneers are used to improve the color of teeth that have been stained for a variety of reasons: age, certain medications, certain foods and beverages like blueberries and coffee, smoking and chewing tobacco.

Veneers are a great solution if people have crooked, oddly shaped teeth or uneven spaces between teeth. Veneers are custom-made so when placed on your teeth they'll cover imperfections and look the way you want them too. If you have chips, cracks, dents and fractures as a result of injury or trauma that need to be hidden veneers could be a great option.

The process itself is really simple and easy too. Your dentist removes some enamel off the surface of your teeth to make space for veneers. This part is irreversible but necessary to ensure veneers aren't protruding. Once impressions are made and the veneers made by a dental lab, (usually within one or two weeks) you will return to the office and the dentist then cements the veneers to the surface of your teeth and you're ready to go home with a new smile.

You'll need two weeks to get accustomed to your new veneers and speak with your dentist if he needs to make an adjustment. To maintain your veneers and the health of your smile, make sure you brush and floss every day.

Veneers are a versatile cosmetic appliance that can improve your smile. If you have any questions or concerns regarding veneers, make sure you contact our Norton, MA, dentists, Dr. Eyad Salloum, Dr. Erin Walsh and Dr. Matthew Devine, today.

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