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The Oral Problems Caused by Tooth Loss

Find out why you should turn to a dentist right away to treat tooth loss. 

Whether you are missing one or all of your teeth it is so important that you get the proper dental care you need to replace your missing teeth. Our Norton, MA, dentists Dr. Eyad Salloum and Dr. Matthew Devine are proud to provide state-of-the-art implant dentistry to adults who are looking for a long-term solution for their tooth loss. So, what happens if you don’t replace your missing tooth or teeth?

Shifting Teeth 

If you don’t fill gaps in your smile and restore your missing teeth then you can expect existing teeth to gradually move into these open spaces. This can lead to further changes in the alignment and shape of your smile. Unfortunately, once these changes happen the only way to move teeth back into their original position is with braces. To prevent this migration altogether our Norton, MA, dentist may recommend turning to implant dentistry immediately after losing a tooth.

Bone Loss 

Another reason to consider implant dentistry is that implants replace the roots of your teeth, which are responsible for keeping the jawbone healthy. When you lose a tooth you also lose the roots, which means that the jawbone isn’t getting the stimulation it needs. As a result, the jawbone begins to shrink. This can cause some serious cosmetic and functional problems; however, since implants can replace these tooth roots, they also have the ability to prevent bone loss. The sooner you seek treatment for your tooth loss the better.

Chewing Problems 

Even if you’re just missing a single tooth, you may find that it’s now more challenging to eat certain foods. As a result, you may be swallowing bigger bites of food, which can also lead to a slew of digestive problems. Since implants function and feel just like real teeth, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to chew the same way you did before tooth loss.

Premature Aging 

Jawbone shrinkage due to untreated tooth loss greatly impacts the overall shape of your face. After all, the teeth support the muscles of the face, so when you lose teeth the facial muscles no longer have the support they need. As the jawbone shrinks, the chin recedes. This causes the cheeks to cave in and other structural changes to occur, which can lead to sagging skin and premature lines and wrinkles.

Turn to the experts at Norton Family Dentistry to provide you with the trustworthy, knowledgeable implant dentistry you’re looking for right here in Norton, MA. To find out if implants are right for you schedule a consultation with Dr. Eyad Salloum and Dr. Matthew Devine by calling (508) 226-1686.

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