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Put an End to Toothache Pain

Intense, throbbing tooth pain can interfere with your life and make you miserable. The good news is that the team at Norton Family Dentistry offers a number of effective restorative treatments, including root canal therapy. This service has the potential to put an end to your toothache pain, spare you from the need for an extraction, and restore the function and strength of your damaged tooth. Get in touch with us today if you believe you might be able to benefit from this service.

Why Choose Norton Family Dentistry for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Empathetic & Skilled Dental Team
  • Renew the Function of a Damaged Tooth
  • Dental Insurance Welcomed & Maximized

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

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Root canal therapy is often necessary when decay or physical trauma to a tooth allows an infection to develop in its innermost layer, known as the pulp.

Here are some symptoms that often indicate the need for this treatment:

  • You have a throbbing, severe toothache.
  • Your tooth is very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, and the discomfort lingers even after the source of the temperature change is removed.
  • A tooth is a different color than the ones around it.
  • There is a pimple-like bump on the gums.

In some cases, root canal treatment is necessary even if no obvious symptoms are present. That is why regular checkups are so important!

The Root Canal Process

cross-section of tooth during root canal treatment

One of the first things we do during a root canal appointment is administer local anesthesia. This numbs your mouth so you will feel very little during your treatment.

The root canal procedure itself is fairly straightforward. We use special instruments to access the interior of your tooth. Then, we clean out the infected tissue and remove the nerve inside the tooth that was sending pain signals to the brain. We fill in the tooth with an inert material known as gutta-percha. Often, we must place a temporary crown over a treated tooth. Later, the temporary crown should be replaced with a permanent restoration.

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

happy, smiling woman pointing at her teeth

Getting a root canal comes with some significant benefits:

  • No need for a tooth extraction. By preserving your existing tooth, you can prevent the complications of tooth loss and spare yourself from the expense of tooth replacement.
  • Surprisingly comfortable treatment. Root canal therapy does not deserve its bad reputation. It is much more comfortable than most people expect!
  • Good results. A successful root canal can allow the treated tooth to continue functioning for many years — perhaps even for a lifetime.
  • Easy maintenance. Caring for a crown on a root canal-treated tooth is very simple.
  • Discreet treatment. With a lifelike crown to cover your treated tooth, you can continue to have confidence in your smile’s beauty.
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